Frequently Asked Questions

Do you place white fillings?

Yes, in fact they are the only kind we use.

What are Veneers?

Veneers are a thin sheet of porcelain that is bonded to the front of teeth. It is usually necessary to remove some enamel to prevent the tooth from being too thick when the veneer is placed. Veneers are used to correct color, restore worn or broken teeth, close spaces between teeth and straighten the appearance of teeth. Watch our video about Veneers.

Why are my gums receding?

There are many factors that influence gum levels. The most important is underlying bone. In some areas around the front of a tooth the bone can become thin and recede. If the bone recedes the gums will eventually follow. Stress factors that most influence bone levels include excessive pressure from clenching and grinding, excessive biting force and orthodontic movement. You cannot brush your gums away. If the patient is a clencher or bruxer they will develop notches in these receded areas.

When should I bring my child in for their first dental visit?

Unless you suspect a problem, we like to see children for their first visit at age three. Our primary goal is to develop a happy, healthy patient that is not afraid to come to the Dentist. With this in mind, what we accomplish at the first visit varies depending on each child.

Do you use “laughing gas”?

Yes, Dr. Hill and his staff are trained in the proper use of Nitrous Oxide.

Will my crowns or bonding lighten if I bleach my teeth?

No, dental restorations will not lighten during bleaching. If you are considering bleaching your teeth, you want to do it before any visible dental work is done.

Can I have permanent restorations placed the same day I have my Dental Implants placed?

In the majority of cases it is not advisable to place a final restoration on a Dental Implant the same day it is placed. The initial integration of the implant can be adversely impacted and result in the failure of the implant. In rare cases where immediate placement is required, the patient must understand the increased risk involved.

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