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Sleep Apnea in Spring, TX

Sleep apnea is a disorder caused by the obstruction of the airway during sleep.

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Doctors have treated this problem with a variety of methods from surgery to medication to devices that force air through the airway. CPAP.

For patients with mild to moderate sleep apnea, the doctors at The Hill Dental Group offer a more comfortable alternative. The Somnomed appliance allows the patient to sleep in any position and without the cumbersome straps and hoses associated with CPAP.

If you suffer with mild to moderate sleep apnea, we would like to visit with you about your treatment options.

What Our Patients Have to Say. . .

I had been using a CPAP with good results for a year and a half, but did not care for traveling with it. Also, turning at night, while tethered to this machine was waking me a bit. Sleeping on my stomach was awkward, too.

Fortunately, the dental appliance Hill Dental has for sleep apnea solved these situations for me. After about six weeks, I was fully adjusted to the change. This device has stopped me grinding, too. Now, because of my sound sleep, I have more energy than I’ve had in decades.

Thanks to Dr. Chumbley and his wonderful staff for taking such good care of me! -Jeanne

This new technology is truly a blessing! I could not be happier!
Beth Kleinman
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