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By Dr. Anthony Hill
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Posted in on September 24th, 2018

Everyone wants to have a smile they love, but not everyone loves to visit the dentist. Studies show that over 25% of adults experience anxiety when going to the dentist, most often due to bad dental experiences. We understand this, and we strive to bring you a very different experience than other dentists. In fact, many of our patients say they actually look forward to going to the dentist at The Hill Dental Group. Here are five of the most common reasons people avoid the dentist, and what we do to improve your dental experience.

1. Atmosphere:

Most of us have experienced wasting hours of our precious time in a stale waiting room until being carelessly ushered in for a procedure. At Hill Dental, you will be met with a smile and a welcoming, pleasant environment that feels more like a spa than a dental clinic. We always strive to be punctual and professional because we know your time is valuable, and you are too.

2. People Skills:

Let’s face it, having good people skills is not necessarily a requirement to become a dentist – even if it should be. Our dentists are not just great at taking care of teeth, but they are great with people as well. At the Hill Dental Group, you will feel more like a good friend than just another patient.

3. Personal Attention:

We do all we can to alleviate the typical stress of a dental visit. We will explain and educate you about every step of your visit, so you don’t have to worry about what is happening. We also take the time to customize your treatment to meet your personal needs and goals. While we can help with existing dental problems, our goal is to keep your teeth healthy so you can enjoy your smile without worrying about your dental health.

4. Pain Management:

Our dentists are very gentle, and take great care to ensure that each procedure is as comfortable and painless as possible. With modern dental advances, a procedure that was once quite painful may now feel like just a slight pinch. Our dentists are highly trained to use the latest dental techniques and technology to give you the best possible dental experience.

5. Value:

Not everyone recognizes the value of their smile, or how great an investment it is. Our flexible financing options can help you address dental problems now to keep more expensive issues from developing in the future. We will also help you understand your insurance and maximize its benefits, so you can spend more of your money on things you enjoy.

If you don’t look forward to visiting the dentist, you have been going to the wrong dentist. At The Hill Dental Group, we strive to provide our customers in the Spring, TX area with a much better dental experience. Book an appointment today to see for yourself what a difference it is to go to the Hill Dental Group. Call 281-376-0911 or Make an Appointment Online.

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